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Nursing the ailing souls and the aching bodies is a noble profession. The lamp in their hands is powerful enough to make the life of the suffering lot, lighter a lot. The song of the nightingale is capable of consoling many a turbulent mind.

Do you aspire to be a Nurse by profession?

You have to acquire a lot of medical knowledge, understand a bit of human psychology, master the methods of drug administration, practice the modalities of patient care, have insight into the various methods reassuring a man in despair….

Come to PMSA Memorial School of Nursing.

We will equip you with the required

PMSA School of Nursing is the most suitable place to fulfill your hope of becoming a professional Nurse. We are happy to say that, a proud batch of capable and well-informed nurses passes out from this school for the 6th time since the school started in year 2000.PMSA School of Nursing has everything to find out and develop your latent

PMSA faculty comprises of high caliber teachers experienced as a nurse and as a teacher at the same time.

PMSA staff also is equally capable and qualified. We have a well equipped fundamental lab, MCH lab, Community lab, and a Nutrition lab.

The full fledged computer lab with high speed internet access will help you explore the wide world of the profession of nursing.

No wonder our school has recorded 100% success rates consecutively for the past three years. Hatrick victory by hard work and devotion; note, not by tricks.

In co-curricular and extra curricular activities also our students have proven their abilities

Our proud alumni are now occupying prestigious positions in many hospitals in India and abroad.

Kerala Nursing Council Officials were of a high opinion about the facilities provided and about our standards of performance.

The profession of Nursing is considered to a noble one, the world over. Indian nurses are having a reputation as knowledgeable and devoted professionals and are in great demand in the European countries, USA, and the Middle East.

We, everyone at PMSA School of Nursing bow our head before this white clad Nightingales.

Since it’s an institution in the co-operative sector it could attract and retain many capable professionals, an advantage no other institution has.

Availability of a 250 bedded multi super specialty hospital in the cooperative sector itself, along with the school permits the students to have hands on experience and live exposure to many important medical and clinical events.

The school gives importance to the all-round development of the students; efforts are not spared to develop their language skills and personality.